The Chirala formally known as “KSHIRAPURI” (here the sea looks as white as milk) is situated on Bay of Bangal is renamed as Chirala (Chira means saree)  This town is a major  hub for textile begins in the district of Prakasham.  The Chirala area handloom industry is famous since times immemorial for producing variety of fabrics which  brought name and fame to the nation as well as to this area.  Even before industrial revolution taken place in the west, the rural artisan weaver of this area had done marvelous work ;of producing is ‘7’ yards  sarees in a match box, which speaks of highest excellence in the out of weaving, unmatched skill and talent of handloom weavers of this area.

Sarees are broadly categorized into (a) ordinary cotton sarees (b) Seico sarees (c) Kuppadam (Gadwal type) sarees.  The sarees produced in this area are used by women of all age groups and on  all occasions.

Specifications 80sx80s cotton and 80sx2/120s cotton used for sarees with 45” width and 5.50 mtrs. length.

Mauve-Blue Handloom Chirala Cotton Saree
Light Pink & Maroon Handwoven Chirala Cotton
Parrot Green & Dark Maroon Handloom Chirala
Light Orange Handloom Chirala Cotton Saree
Brown-Blue Handloom Chirala Cotton Saree
Brown & Orange Handloom Chirala Cotton Saree
Handloom Chirala Olive Green Cotton Saree
Yellow-Orange Handloom Chirala Cotton Saree