East Godavari

Uppada region in this district is renowned for the world-famous Jamdhani weaving that has been revived here. The Government of India has sanctioned handloom clusters at Hasanbada, Badarulanka, Peddapuram and Veeravaram areas of the district for the benefit of over 1500 weavers.

The beautiful Uppada Jamdani saree from Uppada town in Andhra Pradesh is knownfor being light weight. Interestingly, the name Jamdani in the Uppada Jamdani saree is Persian terminology, where Jam means flower and Dani means Vase.

These sarees are woven with a special technique of inter locking in which each and every thread is interlocked to weave the designs of the body, border and pallu. Weavers use pure lace and silver zari often dipped in melted gold. Uppada silk sarees are known for their soft texture, strength and light weight. The rich looking Uppada saree is preferred by women for weddings, festivals and formal gatherings. Thanks to the uniqueness in designs, patterns and Jamdhani weaving by implementing JALA technique, Uppada Jamdhani sarees got patented under Geographical Indications Act during 2008-09 itself.