Gadwal, Wanaparthy and Kothakota was in the dynasty of Gadwal and Wanaparthy rulers.  Now in the district  of  Mahabubnagar of Telangana region in  Andhra Pradesh.  The Gadwal is a small town with highly professional Weavers having rich traditional values of the weaving techniques.

Gadwal and Kothakota developed their own style because of the patronage of the royal family of Gadwal and Wanaparthy.  The richly brocaded sarees were woven in silk with contrasting pallou and border carrying distinctive patterns, influenced by the tradition of stone and wood curvings of that area.  The Hamsa, the mythical swan, combined with carvings tendrils was an important border pattern.  Youli, the stylished Lion, the double headed eagle, were the other important motifs used on the pallou. 

The most distinctive style of the Gadwal sarees was, however, a combination of cotton and silk Often the cotton body was woven in small checks with a rich silk and gold border and pallou. It can be used both as daily use and which silk sarees can be used for wedding and party wear.

Specification: 80 Cotton for warp and weft in the body and 20/22 D filature silk used in the border and pallou width 45” and length 5.50 mtrs.

Blue & Pink Handloom Gadwal Cotton Saree
Sky Blue & Maroon Handloom Gadwal Cotton Saree
Ganga-Jamuna Green Color Handloom Gadwal Cotton
Dark Yellow With Silk Border Handloom Gadwal
Light Orange Handwoven Gadwal Cotton Saree
Turquoise Green Handwoven Gadwal Cotton Saree
Sky Blue & Pink Handwoven Gadwal Cotton Saree