A  tiny town situated in the Mahabubnagar District of Telanga region having handloom artisans  dominating Maharastrian culture.The Narayanapet sarees are similar to the Maharastrian  sarees of Ilkal and  Solapur.  They have the patti border which simulates the basket weave and broad pallou known as top-tenni pallou.  However, the traditional red and white stripes of Ikkat is now,  not common.  The pallou is woven in contrasting colors matching the border and top-tenni stripes are woven in golden threads thus creating a rich effect.

Silver Ash Shade Handloom Narayanapet Silk Saree
Turquoise Green Handloom Narayanapet Silk Saree
Purple & Green Handloom Narayanapet Silk Saree
Cream & Sky Blue Handwoven Narayanapet Silk...