The world-famous and much coveted Venkatagiri cotton and pure silk sarees are from here. The Government of India has sanctioned handloom clusters at Sangham, Narayanareddypeta and at Bangaarupeta for the benefit of over 1200 handloom weavers.
Venkatagiri in Nellore District was previously known as ‘Kali Mili’. Venkatagiri sarees are very finely woven cottons with beautiful motifs from nature including animal, birds, flowers with half gold thread and half with cotton thread. The history of the Saree dates back to the early 1700’s during the rule of Venkatagiri. They were encouraged by the Velugoti Dynasty of Nellore and also by the Bobbili and Pithapuram dynasties. The elegant sarees were woven sepecially for Queens, women

of royalty and Zamindaris. Venkatagiri sarees are made with fine cottons of 100s, 120s counts and have simple borders of gold thread and richly brocaded pallus. There are a lot of attempts being made at giving a modern twist to the Venkatagiri Sarees. The uniqueness in designs, patterns and skill in weaving of Venkatagiri Sarees led them to be patented under Geographical Indications Act during 2011-12.