The weavers from this district are engaged in the production of heavy design cotton Jacquard sarees, cotton dress material, pure silk Jacquard sarees, etc. The Government of India has sanctioned handloom cluster at Vetapalem for the benefit of over 300 handloom weavers.
The handloom industry in Chirala is famous since time immemorial and has even brought fame to the nation. Even before the Industrial revolution occurred in the west, the rural artisan weaver of Chirala had achieved the extraordinary – that of

fitting 7 yards of saree in a match box. This brilliant achievement speaks of the highest excellence in the art of weaving, unmatched skill and talent of the handloom weaver of this area.

Chirala also offers ordinary cotton sarees, seico sarees and Kuppadam sarees which are a fine blend of cotton and silk fibres or Gadwal type sarees.